Windows 7

Windows 7

Your building uses a business encryption method (WPA2 Enterprise).

The majority of modern devices support this encryption method.

Windows 7 is an operating system with almost 10 years and will cease to be supported by Microsoft in January 2020.

Some additional configurations are needed to connect to your building’s Wifi network. Follow the instructions of the video or The following written instructions to configure your Windows 7 with our equipment. If you have Windows 10, you don’t have to do this procedure.


If you’re not sure if you have Windows 7 or Windows 10, please compare the start menu of both versions, windows 7 menus are very different from Windows 10.

OPTION #1 – Mac Address

The easiest method is to send us your MAC Address from your computer having Windows 7.

To do this:

  • Click on the started menu (1)
  • Enter CMD in the search box (2)
  • Click on the CMD icon at the top of the menu (3)
  • A black control window will open
  • Enter the following order: GETMAC
  • The MAC address will be displayed on the screen, please send it to ususing our form

Do not proceed further if you have sent us your MAC Address.


If you don’t want to send us the MAC address or if you’re having trouble getting it, you can follow the following instructions. If you have to send your MAC Address, you don’t have to do this.

Important Notes

  • Please replace the name of the Wifi network (ACStudent), username and password by the one given by your owner (eg: 1680Belleville/porte1)
  • Respect the uppercase and lowercase letters in the username and password.

Please email us at our support address if you ever have difficulty with the procedure.

Written Instructions

-Open the Start menu and click on Control Panel

-In the Control Panel open Network Center and sharing

-In the Network Management window, in the left column, click the Manage wireless networks option

* If your building’s network name is already in the wireless networks, delete it before continuing. -In the Wireless Network Management menu, click the add option

-click on theCreate network profile option manually

-Enter the wireless network connection information:

  • Network Name: “The name of the network of your Building” (Ex: 1680Bellevue)
  • Security Type: WPA2 – Enterprise
  • Encryption Type: AES
  • Click Next

-Windows indicates that the network has been added. Now it is time to configure the connection settings: Click on change connection Settings

In the Wireless Network Properties window, open the Securitytab.

  • In this tab, ensure that the network authentication method chosen is Microsoft: protected EAP (PEAP).
  • The option Memorize my credentials for this connection every time I’m logged in Allows you to memorize the password so you do not have to enter it at each connection to this wireless.
  • Then click on the settingsbutton…

-In the protected EAP Properties window:

  • Uncheck the Validate server certificate option
  • Uncheck the enable quick reconnect option
  • In the Select authentication methodoption, select Secure Password (EAP-MSCHAP version 2)
  • Click the Configurebutton…

-In the MSCHAPv2 EAP Propertieswindow, uncheck automatically use my Windows logon name and password (and possibly domain).

-click ok, OK , OK. Back to the confirmation window to add the wireless network, click close. -Once the network configuration has been completed, a ToolTip will appear to request the login information: click on it.

-It can happen that the ToolTip disappears too quickly to be able to click there.

  • Then click on the Network icon at the bottom right:
  • Then click on the Network “ of your building“: and on the button connect which appears:
  • Windows indicates that it is trying to connect to the requested network
  • You will then find the normal connection process.

-A window will appear to allow you to enter the connection information:

  • Username: The name your owner gave you
  • Password: the password that your owner gave you
  • Click OK to confirm.