Convincing your tenants to subscribe to your internet service

You have made or are about to make the decision to provide the internet in your multi-unit building. One of the deciding factors remains whether your tenants will want to subscribe to your service and abandon their current provider.

We understand that the relationship with tenants is paramount to your management strategy and that any change management can be cumbersome and complex.

Wifiplex accompanies you throughout the process and here are the arguments and tools you can use to convince them and make this task easier for you.

The price

The determining factor of any service is price, all consumers want savings. That is why this is your most important argument. You need to make it clear to tenants that your internet service will be cheaper and that you will save it on its telecommunications bill.

Let’s compare the most affordable internet plan among the major internet providers:

  • You have to pay a minimum of $46 for basic internet access.
  • Including taxes, CRTC fees and other surcharges, the package costs $60.
  • The Wifiplex internet by the owner is offered to the tenant for $40.
  • Savings of $20 per month

Perhaps you see that as a negligible difference. On the other hand, when you read the fine print, you will notice that this price at the main suppliers is promotional for a period of 6 to 12 months.

This amount will increase to a minimum of $65. In addition to having to commit to an ISP for 12 months, tenants are likely to increase prices at any time.

The Wi-Fiplex internet, in addition to offering a competitive price, offers major advantages over the basic package of the main providers:

The consumption

With the $65package, a tenant is limited to about 50GB of data. For reference, one hour of high-definition content on Netflix consumes about 3GB of data. You will be entitled to 16 hours of content before exceeding the limit. Browsing websites will also consume monthly data. Exceeding the limit will result in significant additional costs.

The Wifiplex internet offers unlimited internet service. Whether it’s listening to videos, visiting websites or working remotely, tenants will never be limited in their use.

The speed

Also using the $65 package as an example, the download speed will be 15 Mbps.

The Wifiplex internet offers a shared speed of up to 940 Mbps. Speed 62 times faster.

A tenant wishing to have a similar service (speed and consumption) will have to spend more than $150 + tax per month.

Technical support

Our service includes the expertise of the Wifiplex technical team. An available and dedicated team for your tenants to answer their questions or if they have difficulty connecting a device to the wireless network.

The security

The WifiPlex facilities, protect the tenants with the best security on the market(WPA2-Enterprise)and each tenant benefits from their own private and secure Wifi network. The equipment is managed and configured by professionals, so there is less chance that their personal network will be compromised.

Only devices connected to your own network are accessible, no neighbor will have access to the devices on the network of their home.

Tenant’s liability

When a tenant wants to subscribe to an internet provider, they must provide personal information and possibly have their credit checked to ensure their liability to pay.

By taking the owner’s internet, the tenant does not need to take time to do all these steps.

Summary to convince your tenants:

  • A Better Price
  • Improved speed
  • No consumption limit
  • A dedicated support team
  • Increased security
  • No credit survey required
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