The best technology tools for real estate investors

In a world that is constantly changing you need to stay on the lookout to be more competitive in managing your real estate portfolio.

Real estate has been an area where technology has taken some time to establish. Five years ago, we rarely heard landlords talk about providing the internet to tenants or application for prospecting and managing blocks with applications for tenants. Today they are essential tools for optimization and asset management solutions. In the middle, some refer to it using the term proptech,a merge between property and technology.

This article will offer you some of the best technological tools for real estate investors.


Zipplex is an innovative and powerful tool designed, among other things, to help you establish the market value of homes across the province.

Zipplex allows you to quickly find apartment comparables for rent and specific data from a specific area. Often difficult, laborious and especially long tasks. Using a phone or computer, you can access the platform and see a map of your area and comparable homes. You will then be able to set your rents based on comparables in the sector based on various databases! A simple but effective tool.

On the price side, Zipplex offers an affordable choice of monthly, annual and corporate package. You can even try the tool for free for 72 hours.

Contact Zipplex via their website or Facebook page. Tell Danny and Steve that Wifiplex is sending you!

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Bloc Solutions is a tenant relationship management platform and enables the generation and signing 100% residential lease online.

The goal of the platform is to reduce paperwork and waste of time by digitizing your management. You can also communicate with tenants, keep track of all communications, manage your documents electronically and get an overview of your properties.

The platform adapts to any customer, whether you have a single building, a few units in management or several hundred units, Bloc Solutions adapts to your reality. The tool is accessible via web and offers a free plan and a $1/door plan with advanced features.

Francois-Xavier and his team are very active in all events(CIIQ, Corpiq, Mrex). You can ask your questions directly or via their website or Facebook.

Walter is a virtual janitor. It allows you to centralize all the information, communications and services in your building in one application.

For example, an owner may use the app to communicate with all residents of an upcoming maintenance or to display all the regulations and documents of your buildings for residents. It is also possible to book common areas, swimming pool, gym areas or other amenities.

Residents can also use the app to notify the owner of a repair to be made. It is even possible to attach photos when creating the query. It also allows businesses adjacent to the area to display their service so that residents can benefit from it. You can see all the features directly on their website.

Based in Montreal, Walter became known, among other things, following their appearance on CBC’s Dragon’s Den. Founders Eric and Thierry listen to customers, visit their website or Facebook page to learn more.


Wazo is the first real estate management software with artificial intelligence in Quebec. Although this application is still in the pre-launch phase, it looks very promising and we will be interested in trying this platform as soon as it is officially launched.

Wazo promises to take full responsibility for your administrative and accounting tasks. A lots of features including:

  • An integrated management platform
  • Centralized document management
  • Access to administrative information
  • Account management of payable and receivable
  • Creating financial reports and market data

Prices for this new platform have not yet been revealed. Kevin Pepin, one of its founders is very involved in the field of real estate… That’s a promise. Visit their website or Facebook page to learn more.

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All these tools will save you time, optimize your management as well as the value of your multi-unit buildings. Time is money! 😉

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