Security camera in multi-housing buildings

In addition to offering internet solutions in apartment buildings,we have begun to offer security solutions via cameras.

Security cameras for voting apartment buildings can be very useful for a variety of reasons:

  • Provide more security for your tenants, so renting your homes more easily
  • Check your lobby or back doors for unwanted visitors
  • Find the wrongdoer at an event in a common space and outside
  • Monitor the parking lot of the building
  • Follow the work or the presence of a subcontractor

If you already have an internet system with us, adding camera is extremely simple. If you don’t have one, you should first evaluate whether your internet system is compatible with our equipment. If you do not have an internet connection in your building, the first step will be to install our internet service.

The cameras are discreet and installed quickly according to your needs. Several camera models are available, both indoors and outdoors.

multi-housing surveillance camera

You’ll be able to watch the videos directly on your mobile device or workstation. It is possible to record continuously or record only when there is movement. Devices will be configured to meet your specific needs. So you can go and rest somewhere else on the planet and keep an eye on your buildings.

Multihousing Camera Video

Here is a video explaining in detail our service:

We hope we have been able to enlighten you on the benefit of installing surveillance cameras in your building.

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