In condo buildings, some homeowners pay their own Internet fees and in other buildings, it is part of the monthly condo fee because the fees are paid by the Condominium syndicate. One of the ways to save on Internet fees when you have a condo is to have Wifiplex’s equipment installed in your building.

Condo owners can make significant savings. Often condo fees are paid by the Condominium union. Here is an example of a 36 condos at Mont Tremblant. Each owner pays $70/month for their Internet 30mbps since they have a volume agreement with the 36 condos. So together they pay $2520 monthly for their Internet. WifiPlex will bring an internet connection of 940mbps for $150/month and thus save them $2370 monthly (2520 $-$150).

Wifiplex’s equipment with the installation costs $6900 since they have 4 condos per floor on 3 floors with concrete floors, for a total of 12 condos per section. They have 3 sections so in all 36 condos.

Each condo must also take technical support at $3/month per condo ($108 for 36 condos) to have technical assistance if they have troubles with the Internet, device additions, security updates, password changes, and more.

Their Wifiplex equipment therefore pays Three months. Thereafter, they will have a real economy each month of $2262. This Which gives an economy per condo of $62.83 per month. Their internet fees Monthly will be $7.16 including technical support.

With these significant savings, condo fees will decrease, give a capital gain as it will make the condos in your building more attractive to prospective buyers. Condo fees are an integral part of your fixed costs, so it’s a very good idea to lower these costs.

Internet Condo Fees Apartment

Internet Condo Fees Apartment

The installation of Wifiplex equipment is similar to the installation of multi-dwellings. We send our installer to install our equipments, wire the antennas and do the network coverage tests. Some accommodations can also be wired as needed for wired access.

Your building becomes intelligent and So you can also add cameras to the network, security system and more.

Speaking of camera, Wifiplex should have some nice news sometime in the year 2019 for you.

Internet Condo Fees Apartment