As a corporate partner of the CIIQ, we have recently made several events explaining the services of WifiPlex. Being attentive to our customers, we have adapted our services so that it is even easier for the owners to provide the internet to their tenants. Our goal is to offer you a turnkey system that will require very little effort to put in place and above all with transparency in terms of costs. The price we submit to you is all inclusive, from the configuration to the wiring as well as the onsite installation. First of all our system has as its primary purpose to increase the value of your building by adding one more service, so gives you the opportunity to increase your rents. More income is synonymous with more value. The Wifiplex system will be fully reimbursed in about 1 year. So you made the right choice and decided to provide the Internet to your tenants. Congratulations! Excellent decision! You are in a few steps to give the highest value increase to your building compared to the required effort. Here in detail the Multi-Unit WIFI purchasing process. We also published a video on Facebook in partnership withPatrice Ménard’s team. The video explains our services in detail.

Buy Multi-Unit Wifi

Wifi Antenna Planning

Buy Multi-Unit Wifi First of all your project will begin with the analysis of your building plans with our specialists. We need to analyze where your antennas will be placed in order to reach 100% coverage. This is the most important step of the project because better will be placed the antennas, the better the Internet service to the tenants. Several variables are to be analyzed such as the dimensions of the building, the number of floors and especially its building materials. Some materials such as concrete attenuate all Wifi waves, the metals create interference and some insulators are also enemies of WiFi. Generally the number of minimum antennas for the building size is as follows:
  • 6 apartments: 1 to 3
  • 8 apartments: 2 to 4
  • 16 apartments: 4 to 12
  • 32 apartments: 6 to 16
The number of antenna varies depending on the building materials. The concrete and sonopan are the 2 materials that blocks the Wifi signals. Our equipment will be able to accept more antennas without problem.

Purchase of equipment

Buy Multi-Unit Wifi Once the number of antennas is set, your equipment order will be placed. You should expect a delay of about 2 weeks before your equipment is assembled and configured to your specific needs. The setup fee is included in our prices.

Choice of Internet provider

Buy Multi-Unit Wifi While your equipment is in order, we will send a request to Videotron for the rental of the Internet service. We take care of this step for you. You do not have to contact them. They will contact you and according to our recommendations you will be able to have your Internet link installed before receiving our equipment.

Installation, cabling and testing

Buy Multi-Unit Wifi While your equipment is in order, we will set a date with you for the installation of these. It is necessary that this date be fixed after Videotron’s visit. When we confirm that the Internet service is functional, we will move with the pre-configured equipment for the installation. Cables will first be passed to the places where the antennas are to be installed and fixed. The antennas and the Internet link will be plugged into the equipment. The technician will perform cover tests by moving with a specialized device to detect any area where the signal would be low. If the tests show a signal weakness in some places, he will propose the addition of antenna to remedy the situation. If the coverage is acceptable, the installation is complete.

Delivery of information to tenants

All that remains to be done at this point is to provide the tenants with the username and password that we have provided to you. The document provided also contains the indications with our contact information so that the users contact us in case of problems or questions.

Tenant Support

Buy Multi-Unit Wifi If a tenant has questions or problems related to the Internet, they will contact the WifiPlex support team directly. This service is included in our initial offer of $3/door/month. You don’t have to deal with the internet problems of your tenants! There you go, it’s installed! A few hours of your time will have allowed you to greatly increase the value of your building!