Difference between buying a router at the popular store or at Wifiplex?

Some people are wondering, and rightly, the difference between the Wifiplex system and a Wifi router available in popular electronic stores. For most real estate investors, the question is legitimate. Here are some important points that differentiate them.

Standard Router vs Wifiplex difference


Difference Router Standard vs Wifiplex

The priority #1 these days is the security of computer networks so that your tenants don’t get their identities stolen, important documents, photos, that their computers are infected with viruses and other spyware that sometimes require Ransoms. Often in this case, the user will lose everything that is in his computer and it will have to be formatted and reinstalled to new. With a router available in store that we will call here a “standard router”, you might have this type of problem.

With a “standard router”, you will offer 1 single network with basic security to your tenants. Until then it can go, but the problem is that your tenants are all on the same network with the same password. In an 8-unit, by not talking about cellphones, the average is that 2 or 3 people have smart TVs, 2 people have “Apple TV” or “Chromecast”, and 2 others have game consoles like Xbox and PlayStation. Imagine that a tenant wants to send pictures of his cell phone to his Chromecast to see them on his TV and gets the wrong device and sends it on the TV of another tenant. This tenant will be frustrated because he can no longer listen to his show. Another example, a tenant sends a movie from his laptop to his Smart TV and he will also see all other tenants available equipments on the network that have almost all the same names, it would be very difficult to know what is the TV that is actually in his unit. So, tenant baffles and complaints to the landlord will definitely happen.

That being said, these are only two examples among many. The fact that all the tenants have access to all the devices of the tenants of the building connected to the network, it would be easy for a tenant with basic software and knowledge to hack the other computers on the network and steal the Information contained in the computers without even realizing it. We only hear about a tiny part of the identity thefts that occur every year…

With our Wifiplex system, your tenants will be protected by the best security on the market and will each have their own private and secure Wifi network with their own username and password. This eliminates any chance of a situation described above. Each tenant will only see and access devices connected to their own network!

#2-Support and maintenance

Difference Router Standard vs Wifiplex

As the owner of a multi-unit, when you offer Wifi Internet from a “standard router”, you will have to configure the router yourself as well as network security. Everything rests on your shoulders. You should also make sure to update the equipment on a regular basis in order to benefit from the new features and apply the security patches. You will also have to offer technical support to all your tenants who have problems plugging their devices on your Wifi network. Do you have the knowledge and patience to help all your tenants with all types of computers, laptop, tablets, smartphones, printers, smart TVs, game consoles, and others? Often this part is neglected by the owners and you will lose your tenants as Internet clients. Your tenants will want to have a quick service in a few minutes or in a few hours. It requires to be available almost 7 days a week and respond quickly. You will lose all the extra income that this tenant gives you for the Internet, as well as all the leverage effect when refinancing your Plex. You can read more about it in our previous blog.

When you buy our equipment, you have the technical support for you and your tenants so that you are not disturbed in case of technical questions and problems when your tenants will have difficulty connecting their devices to the Wifi Network. Our technical support team is trained and has all the knowledge to support your tenants remotely. A quick service is offered so that your tenants will not wait more than a few minutes to a few hours for their situation to be settled. Our equipment will also be updated regularly to offer new features and apply security patches.


Difference Router Standard vs Wifiplex

Not all of your tenants are alike and some might go to malicious websites or sites with illegal content or violate certain copyrights. If this is the case, you may receive a letter from your Internet provider telling you that you have downloaded illegal content or that is protected by copyright. The first time is often a warning letter, but if it happens repeatedly, you might get a visit from the police as well as prosecutions of several hundred or even thousands of dollars. How will you track down the tenant who is at fault for not having that happen? With our systems we will be able to protect you by tracing the offending tenant and you will be able to prove that it is not you personally who downloaded the illegal content.

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