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The Wifiplex Difference

A simple question: Why choose Wifiplex as a multi-housing internet provider? What is the Wifiplex difference? As a savvy real estate investor, you are looking for a solution to provide internet to your tenants in order to increase your income. During your internet searches, you found several providers with the ability to help you in […]

Benefits of providing the Internet to its tenants

An owner has several advantages to offer WiFi/Internet to its tenants. Depending on the number of units and the price offered to the tenants, the owner will make a monthly profit. Given that the value of the building is based on the monthly income, the value of the building will be greatly improved. So the […]

Security camera in multi-housing buildings

In addition to offering internet solutions in apartment buildings,we have begun to offer security solutions via cameras. Security cameras for voting apartment buildings can be very useful for a variety of reasons: Provide more security for your tenants, so renting your homes more easily Check your lobby or back doors for unwanted visitors Find the […]

Convincing your tenants to subscribe to your internet service

You have made or are about to make the decision to provide the internet in your multi-unit building. One of the deciding factors remains whether your tenants will want to subscribe to your service and abandon their current provider. We understand that the relationship with tenants is paramount to your management strategy and that any […]