Avoid these 4 common mistakes to Unlock the full potential of your multifamily building

Avoid these 4 common mistakes to Unlock the full potential of your multifamily building

Wifiplex difference

Our solution focuses on return on investment for the multi-unit building owner and savings for tenants.

For the owner, we transform existing buildings and new constructions into smart multifamily buildings. We don’t just install the internet in the apartments, we install the technological backbone for the entire building. In this way, we can provide internet not just in the apartments, but throughout the building, meeting the demand of 72% of tenants for optimum connectivity in their living environment.

We provide internet and wifi coverage in all areas of the building (gym, pool, terrace, common area, lobby, indoor and outdoor parking, etc.), creating smart community. This approach then enables us to integrate other technologies such as security cameras, smart intercoms, electric car charging stations (which, by the way, requires wifi), smart keyless apartment door handles/locks, residential phone and TV services, water leak detection systems and all future technologies that will emerge in the next few years that will certainly need internet and wifi. This approach sets us apart from conventional suppliers.

By supplying the entire building centrally, our solution pays itself more quickly. In fact, only 1 powerful internet link (dedicated internet line) is required for the entire building, as opposed to 1 small internet link in each home with traditional internet providers.

The more units in your building, the more cost-effective our solution becomes for your optimization project.

Here’s an example of a 24-unit building, illustrating the difference in profitability between Wifiplex and what traditional providers have been doing since the 2000s without updating:

Case study of 24 appartment building


Conventional Supplier


In both scenarios, your tenants will enjoy the advantages of having Internet access. By selecting the appropriate provider, you’ll enhance the Economic Value (EV) of your building. With Internet availability throughout the premises, your building becomes more appealing, allowing tenants to save on an essential service. Moreover, you’re future-proofing your building by enabling the integration of new technologies over time.

Frequently asked questions

Will security be good enough to protect my tenants?

Security will be better than your tenants’ usual security because our computer network specialists will manage your building’s network, we don’t leave any easy-to-hack passwords and we update our equipments and servers frequently to stay on the cutting edge of security.

Who takes care of customer service once the equipment is installed?

Wifiplex handles customer service for both owners/managers and tenants. Our 7/7 Canadian call center is the point of contact by phone, online chat and e-mail.

How long does it take to get my building up and running?

For an existing building, it can take between 2 and 4 weeks from the time you accept your quote. For new buildings and those under construction, we will work with the builder to ensure that everything is up and running when the first tenants arrive.

What Internet speed will my tenants have?

Our specialists will make sure your tenants don’t run out of Internet by suggesting a speed for the building that will last for years to come. Your tenants won’t run out of speed and will be able to use unlimited Internet 24/7.

I have different buildings of different sizes. How do I know what equipment will be needed to cover the entire building with Internet/Wifi?

Our specialists can look at your plans and go on site to suggest the best practices for covering all your buildings according to your needs. We’ll take care of you to make the experience as smooth as possible.

Do I have to use your customer service?

Our customers don’t want to have to answer calls from tenants with IT questions, and that’s why they do business with us. Our specialized multifamily response team will provide full service to your tenants for a small monthly fee, which is paid by your tenants. Responding 7/7 to tenants is essential to keeping your tenants happy with this essential service!

The benefits of an Optimization Multi-unit with wifi

The benefits of an Optimization Multi-unit with wifi

If you’re a real estate investor, the concept of optimization is undoubtedly high on your priority list. And no wonder: in your case, an attractive return on investment often depends on optimizing your real estate assets. One of the best optimization Multi-unit is by providing wifi.

Optimization Multi-unit with wifi

As you’re no doubt aware, there are several ways of optimizing a multi-unit building to increase its value.
Renovations are one of the most popular options. Kitchen, bathroom, floors, air conditioning… In addition to increasing resale value, renovations open the door to higher rents. However, this option almost always requires substantial investment; quality work pays off!
Another option is to exploit under-utilized space. For example, if you have a parking area with several vacant spaces, you can rent them out to people in the neighborhood. That said, not everyone can take advantage of this option – especially in the city, where space is limited.
Fortunately, there’s another way to optimize your multi-unit building at low cost: install an Internet network to include Wi-Fi in your tenants’ lease.

Some advantages of Optimization Multi-unit wifi:

  • In an era of telework, including Wi-Fi in the lease is a very attractive offer for tenants. As everyone knows, Internet packages in Canada are among the most expensive in the world. In such a context, offering an ultra-fast Wi-Fi connection at a more than reasonable price is an excellent way of attracting tenants.
  • Including Wi-Fi in your lease offers you an attractive, rapid and stable return on investment at low cost. You only pay for one high-speed connection. This connection is then divided among your tenants, to whom you include internet in their leases each month. In other words, in the case of a six-unit building, you pay for a single connection, but you have six tenants who pay you in their leases for this new service! Generally speaking, the installation of the Internet network “pays for itself” in a year, after which all you have to do is reap the profits!
  • It’s a great way to make your building “smart”. Electronic locks, smart lights, connected thermostat, security cameras, intercom, telephony, television… You can now add a host of wireless peripherals to make building management and security easier. But that’s not all: with an aging population, many tenants are willing to pay more for peace of mind. All the more reason to increase your rents!
  • Higher rents increase the value of the building in the eyes of the bank when refinancing. This gives you greater financial leeway and makes it easier for you to build up your real estate portfolio.

Optimization Multi-unit wifi

The last word

Installing an Internet network to include Wi-Fi in your tenants’ leases is a simple and effective way to optimize your multi-unit building at a low cost. Why deprive yourself?
Whatever your needs in terms of Internet, security or other services, Wifiplex’s experienced team will propose the solution best suited to your situation. Contact us here.

The importance of good technical support: the Wifiplex effect

The importance of good technical support: the Wifiplex effect

As a multi-residential landlord, you know: sometimes the demands of tenants just keep on coming. A clogged drain, a leaky faucet, faulty heating, damaged floors… There must be days when you just don’t know where to turn! You certainly don’t need to add solving Internet-related technical problems to the list. With our turnkey Internet solutions for multi-unit buildings, it’s easy!

Human contact for real peace of mind

If you need to contact us, you won’t come across a cold, soulless automated system. At the end of the phone (or keyboard), there will be a person with a single objective: to help you solve your problem. Our specialists know our system and equipment like the back of their hand. No technical problem is beyond them! In short, knowing that the company you do business with for the Internet has your back 7 days a week is priceless.

A direct link with your tenants

In the event of a technical glitch, your tenants don’t need to notify you or ask for help. All they have to do is visit our website or contact us directly! In fact, our specialized team offers technical support by e-mail, chat and telephone. What’s more, our site includes a “troubleshooting” section with the most frequently asked questions and problems. This way, if Mr. Tremblay has trouble connecting his TV, or if Mrs. Giguère doesn’t have a network, everything will be solved without you having to get involved! Isn’t that great?

Proactive, optimized remote management

For fast, efficient support, we’ll manage your multi-unit building’s Internet network remotely. But that’s not all! To be proactive, we’ve set up a technical monitoring system. Our aim is to ensure that your tenants always have access to the Internet. As the saying goes: “Prevention is better than cure”. As a result, we achieve a very high satisfaction rate, both with our owner customers and their tenants.

Fewer trips

With our remote technical support, most problems can be solved without the need for a technician to travel. It’s a win-win situation for you and your tenants. You don’t have to wait an unreasonable amount of time for a technician to show up. Of course, we do travel when necessary, but in our experience, the overwhelming majority of technical glitches can be solved remotely and quickly.

A plus for security

With Wifiplex, each tenant benefits from its own private, secure Wifi network. What’s more, specialized equipment is managed and configured by our professionals – in normal times and in the event of problems. The chances of personal networks being compromised are therefore much lower than with ordinary networks. What’s more, you can rest assured that any necessary repairs and adjustments are carried out by experts. So there’s no risk to the physical integrity of equipment, premises or tenants as a result of mishandling.

No need to deal with Internet providers

As a turnkey Internet solutions provider, Wifiplex takes care of connecting you to our multi-unit Internet network if you’re in a large center. When you set up your service with us, we’ll clarify this with you and tell you whether it should be another internet provider. Then, in the event of a general breakdown or problem with the provider, we’ll take care of all the necessary arrangements.

Bonus: an unsuspected advantage

With Wifiplex’s easy access and technical support, you can encourage your tenants to pay their rent. How can you do this? It’s simple: if a tenant defaults, all you have to do is call us. As each network is personal and clearly identified, the tenant’s Internet access can be cut off almost instantly. At a time when the Internet has become an almost essential service, this is undoubtedly a strong incentive to pay rent on time!

Whatever your technology needs for your multi-residential building, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our experienced team will propose the solution best suited to your situation.

The Wifiplex Difference

The Wifiplex Difference

A simple question: Why choose Wifiplex as your multi-unit Internet provider? What’s the Wifiplex difference?

As a savvy real estate investor, you’re looking for a solution to provide internet to your tenants in order to increase your revenues. During your Internet searches, you’ve found several suppliers with the capacity to help you with your multi-unit Internet project.

Choosing the right partner is essential, as you need to provide a quality service to your tenants. How do you find the right partner? Here are some tips to help you make the right choice.

Team profile and experience

Like you, we’re property owners. We understand your reality and the challenges of the market. We look for ways to optimize the value of our rental units. We’re in the best position to advise you.

We started Wifiplex precisely because of an optimization project that made us realize how lucrative and interesting the concept of providing tenants with Internet access is.

Having been in the IT business for over 24 years, we combined our passion with that of real estate. We’ve decided to share this recipe with you, our fellow enthusiasts.

Serious business and offices

Unlike many of our competitors, we operate from offices staffed 7 days a week, 15 hours a day. You can drop in whenever you like! Just off Highway 640 in Bois des Filion:

It may seem trivial, but this simple detail demonstrates the seriousness of a company that’s been in business for 5 years. Did you know that only 48% of companies survive beyond 3 years of existence? What are you going to do with equipment sold by a supplier that won’t exist in 3 years’ time? You have a 1 in 2 chance of choosing the wrong supplier when dealing with a start-up company!

Would you entrust your tenants to a company operating out of the shareholder’s home and only a few months old? Check out the company’s head office and ask for references from established customers. You’ll find that serious players in the field with the right solution are rare.

Over the years, we’ve built a solid reputation in the real estate industry, managing and operating tens of thousands of doors throughout Quebec and Ontario.

Equipment used

Be sure to choose a supplier who uses commercial-grade equipment. You’ll want state-of-the-art equipment that will last for many years. Competitors use residential-grade equipment to reduce installation costs. These devices are designed to serve fewer simultaneous connections, offer less performance, have a shorter useful life and cannot be remotely controlled to adjust situations and install security updates.

Wifiplex only installs commercial products from reputable suppliers. Our equipment is the same you’ll find in hospitals, shopping malls, amphitheaters…

If you’re comparing prices, make sure you’re comparing with the same equipment. We’ll match any competitor’s quote with the same type of equipment.

Technology and configuration

Make sure you choose a supplier who will be able to accommodate all types of devices, and do so securely. Make sure that networks are properly segmented (VLANs), and that tenant usage can be traced if you receive a notice of copyright infringement.

IT security is at the heart of many discussions and will continue to be so. How many times have you heard about identity theft? All too often, it’s the result of a poorly secured wifi network. Wifiplex offers bank-grade encryption security, which greatly protects your tenants. They’ll sleep soundly, and so will you, because you’re partly responsible for providing them with a secure network.

A simple router bought in a supermarket with a shared password won’t offer you this protection.

We also have the experience to advise you on the right number and placement of antennas. This is the most important part of the project. An inexperienced company will give you bad advice, and your tenants will not be well served, causing frustration and complaints.

Technical support

Once your system has been installed, technical support is the most important point to consider. Your tenants will have questions about connecting to the Internet, and if your provider doesn’t have effective technical support, they’ll turn to you, the landlord, to answer their questions. You’re not an expert in computer/internet networks, so entrust this service to a professional team dedicated to this type of service.

  • Are they open every day, evenings and weekends?
  • Is the service in Canada or via a subcontractor?
  • Are they reachable via several methods (phone, email, chat)?
  • Can they call the ISP for you if there is a problem?

Wifiplex offers technical support 7 days a week. Our team, trained specifically to answer tenants’ questions, is located in the Montreal area. Our team is able to go deeper into technical service to support your tenants all the way, offering a more comprehensive service than our competitors.

Web presence and in the real estate investment community

As with any other goods and services you store for, you’ll want to compare with references and reviews on the internet. The number of references available is a good indicator of a company’s reputation.

Check the number of Facebook “likes”, Google referrals, Linkedin and number of Blog articles specifically on multi-housing technologies. Check out the Youtube videos available with major players in the real estate sector. Check which companies have partnerships with them.

Among our main competitors, we have the most positive reviews on Google Business, the most Facebook likes and the best partners:

We participate in monthly events involving hundreds of real estate investors:

We participate in the filming of dozens of video capsules with actors represented from the real estate sector:

And partner with all the major internet service providers in Quebec.

These partnerships would not be possible without our dedication to quality service.


It’s true that the number of multi-unit Internet providers is constantly growing. Identify companies that are solid, experienced and, above all, recognized by the real estate industry. Compare prices wisely and do business with the best.

Contact us for a personalised quote, tailored to your building and your tenants.

The best technology tools for real estate investors

The best technology tools for real estate investors

In a world that is constantly changing you need to stay on the lookout to be more competitive in managing your real estate portfolio.

Real estate has been an area where technology has taken some time to establish. Five years ago, we rarely heard landlords talk about providing the internet to tenants or application for prospecting and managing blocks with applications for tenants. Today they are essential tools for optimization and asset management solutions. In the middle, some refer to it using the term proptech,a merge between property and technology.

This article will offer you some of the best technological tools for real estate investors.


Zipplex is an innovative and powerful tool designed, among other things, to help you establish the market value of homes across the province.

Zipplex allows you to quickly find apartment comparables for rent and specific data from a specific area. Often difficult, laborious and especially long tasks. Using a phone or computer, you can access the platform and see a map of your area and comparable homes. You will then be able to set your rents based on comparables in the sector based on various databases! A simple but effective tool.

On the price side, Zipplex offers an affordable choice of monthly, annual and corporate package. You can even try the tool for free for 72 hours.

Contact Zipplex via their website or Facebook page. Tell Danny and Steve that Wifiplex is sending you!

Image search result for "block.solution""

Bloc Solutions is a tenant relationship management platform and enables the generation and signing 100% residential lease online.

The goal of the platform is to reduce paperwork and waste of time by digitizing your management. You can also communicate with tenants, keep track of all communications, manage your documents electronically and get an overview of your properties.

The platform adapts to any customer, whether you have a single building, a few units in management or several hundred units, Bloc Solutions adapts to your reality. The tool is accessible via web and offers a free plan and a $1/door plan with advanced features.

Francois-Xavier and his team are very active in all events(CIIQ, Corpiq, Mrex). You can ask your questions directly or via their website or Facebook.


Walter is a virtual janitor. It allows you to centralize all the information, communications and services in your building in one application.

For example, an owner may use the app to communicate with all residents of an upcoming maintenance or to display all the regulations and documents of your buildings for residents. It is also possible to book common areas, swimming pool, gym areas or other amenities.

Residents can also use the app to notify the owner of a repair to be made. It is even possible to attach photos when creating the query. It also allows businesses adjacent to the area to display their service so that residents can benefit from it. You can see all the features directly on their website.

Based in Montreal, Walter became known, among other things, following their appearance on CBC’s Dragon’s Den. Founders Eric and Thierry listen to customers, visit their website or Facebook page to learn more.


Wazo is the first real estate management software with artificial intelligence in Quebec. Although this application is still in the pre-launch phase, it looks very promising and we will be interested in trying this platform as soon as it is officially launched.

Wazo promises to take full responsibility for your administrative and accounting tasks. A lots of features including:

  • An integrated management platform
  • Centralized document management
  • Access to administrative information
  • Account management of payable and receivable
  • Creating financial reports and market data

Prices for this new platform have not yet been revealed. Kevin Pepin, one of its founders is very involved in the field of real estate… That’s a promise. Visit their website or Facebook page to learn more.

Image may contain: phone

All these tools will save you time, optimize your management as well as the value of your multi-unit buildings. Time is money! 😉

Benefits of providing Internet to tenants in multi-dwelling buildings

A landlord has several advantages in offering wifi / internet to his tenants. Depending on the number of units and the price offered to tenants, he will make a monthly profit. Since the value of the building is based on monthly revenues, the value of the building will be greatly enhanced. So the next time the building is refinanced or sold, the owner will make a lot of money.

Internet tenants multi-dwelling major benefits

Value of the building/return on investment

One of the most important benefits is the value you’ll add to your building. If a tenant pays an additional $45 per month in their lease, depending on the location and city of your building, this will add approximately $9,500 to the value of your building. When you refinance, you’ll have a conservative $7,000 in your pocket. So for a 6plex, we’re talking about $42,000 in your pocket at refinancing! Wifiplex offers a turnkey package for a 6Plex starting at $3,000. Do you know of an investment that will give you such a high return so quickly?

internet tenants multi-dwelling

Smart Building

Another advantage of providing your tenants with Internet access is that you’ll be making your building intelligent. You can add cameras for your tenants’ security. The population is aging, and many tenants want to pay more for security. So they’ll have peace of mind, sleep better and live happily in your building. Your smart multi-unit building can also include the new intelligent intercom systems with facial recognition, telephony, television service, and many other energy-efficient systems.

internet tenants multi-dwelling

Extra Service internet tenants multi-dwelling

On the tenant’s side, I suggest you approach them by asking if they use the Internet. In 2024, it’s safe to say that the Internet has become an essential need. Personally, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t use the Internet. Ask your tenants what internet package they currently have. The smallest internet packages from reputable companies are around $46 a month plus tax, so practically $53 for the first 6 months, after which they pay $59. At that price, they get speeds of 10 to 30 Mbps. Those with a larger Internet package can easily pay $80 a month. Your goal is to save your tenants money so they’ll want you to implement wifi/internet as soon as possible. You’ll save them money by reducing their essential expenses!

internet tenants multi-dwelling

WifiPlex will be with you from start to finish, from managing the change with your tenants, how to include it in your leases to ensure the best return on your investment, after-sales service and much more. So you’ll be able to include the Internet with your tenants in record time, with ease and with the best possible return. Contact us to get started! We’ll be talking about support for your Wifi solution, how to set up and optimize a Wifi system, and security in future articles.