The Wifiplex Difference

A simple question: Why choose Wifiplex as a multi-housing internet provider? What is the Wifiplex difference? As a savvy real estate investor, you are looking for a solution to provide internet to your tenants in order to increase your income. During your internet searches, you found several providers with the ability to help you in […]

Benefits of providing the Internet to its tenants

An owner has several advantages to offer WiFi/Internet to its tenants. Depending on the number of units and the price offered to the tenants, the owner will make a monthly profit. Given that the value of the building is based on the monthly income, the value of the building will be greatly improved. So the […]

Security camera in multi-housing buildings

In addition to offering internet solutions in apartment buildings,we have begun to offer security solutions via cameras. Security cameras for voting apartment buildings can be very useful for a variety of reasons: Provide more security for your tenants, so renting your homes more easily Check your lobby or back doors for unwanted visitors Find the […]