The Wifiplex Difference

The Wifiplex Difference

A simple question: Why choose Wifiplex as a multi-housing internet provider? What is the Wifiplex difference?

As a savvy real estate investor, you are looking for a solution to provide internet to your tenants in order to increase your income. During your internet searches, you found several providers with the ability to help you in your multi-housing internet project.

Choosing the right partner is essential because you must provide a quality service to your tenants. How do I find the right partner? Here are our tips to help you make an informed choice.

Team profile and experience

Just like you, we are property owners. We know your reality and the challenges of the market. We are even looking for ways to maximize the value of our rental units. We are in the best position to advise you.

We started Wifiplex precisely because of an optimization project making us realize how the concept of providing internet to tenants is a lucrative and interesting improvement.

Having been in the field of for more than 20 years, we have combined our passion with that of real estate. We decided to share this recipe with others passionate as you are.

Business serious and offices

Unlike many of our competitors, we operate in offices with employees present 7 days a week, 12 hours a day. You can come and see us whenever you want! Just off Highway 15 in Blainville:

It may seem trite, but this simple detail demonstrates the seriousness of a company. Did you know that only 48 companies survive beyond 3 years of existence? What will you do with equipment sold by a supplier that would no longer exist in 3 years? You have 1 in 2 chance of choosing the wrong supplier by doing business with a start-up!

Would you entrust your tenants to a company operating at the shareholder’s home and having only a few months of existence? Do checks on the company’s head office, ask for established customer references. You will see that serious players in the field are rare.

Over the past few years, we have built a solid reputation in the real estate industry, managing and operating thousands of doors throughout Quebec.

Equipment used

Be sure to choose a supplier that uses commercial grade equipment. You’ll want state-of-the-art equipment that can last for years. Competitors use residential-scale equipment to reduce the cost of their facilities. These devices are designed to serve less simultaneous connection, offer less performance and have a shorter lifespan.

Wifiplex installs only commercial range products, from recognized suppliers. Our facilities are the same as you will find in hospitals, shopping mall, amphitheaters…

If you compare prices, be sure to compare with the same equipment. We will match any submission from a competitor.

Technology and configuration

Be sure to choose a supplier that will be able to handle all types of devices securely. Make sure that the networks are well segmented (VLAN) and that it’s possible to trace the use of tenants if you receive a notice of copyright infringement.

Computer security is at the heart of many discussions and will continue to be so. How many times have you heard of identity theft? Too often this situation comes from a poorly secured wifi network. Wifiplex offers security with bank-grade encryption, which greatly protects your tenants. They will sleep on their 2 ears and so will you because you are partly responsible for giving them a secure network.

A simple router purchased in a large area with a shared password will not offer you this protection.

We also have the experience to advise you on the number and appropriate placement of antennas. This is the most important point of the project. A little experienced company will badly advise you and your tenants will not be well served, causing frustration and complaints.

Technical support

Once your system is installed, technical support is the most important point to consider. Your tenants may have questions to connect to the internet and if your provider does not have effective technical support, they will turn to you, the landlord, to answer their question. You are not experts in internet networks, entrust this service to a professional team dedicated to this type of service.

  • Are they open every day, evening and weekend?
  • Are they reachable via several methods (phone, email, chat)?
  • Is the service in Quebec or via a subcontractor?
  • Can they call the ISP for you if there is a problem?

Wifiplex offers a technical support service 7 days a week and 12 hours a day. Our team, formed specifically to answer tenant questions, is located in the Montreal area.

Web presence and in the real estate investor community

As with any other goods and services you shop for, you’ll want to compare with references and reviews on the internet. The number of references available is a good indicator of a company’s reputation.

Check the number of Facebook “likes” and Google Business reviews. Check out the Youtube videos available with major players in the real estate sector. Check out companies with a partnership with them.

Among our main competitors, we have the most positive reviews on Google Business, the most Facebook likes and the best partners:

We participate in monthly events involving hundreds of real estate investors:

We participate in the filming of dozens of video capsules with actors represented from the real estate sector:

And partner with all the major internet service providers in Quebec:

  • Vidéotron
  • Bell
  • Telus
  • Cogeco

These partnerships would not be possible without our dedication to providing quality service.


It’s true that the supply of multi-housing internet providers is constantly growing. Know how to identify solid, experienced and above all companies recognized by the players in the real estate industry. Compare prices wisely and do business with the best.

Contact us for a personalised bid, tailored to your building and tenants.

The best technology tools for real estate investors

The best technology tools for real estate investors

In a world that is constantly changing you need to stay on the lookout to be more competitive in managing your real estate portfolio.

Real estate has been an area where technology has taken some time to establish. Five years ago, we rarely heard landlords talk about providing the internet to tenants or application for prospecting and managing blocks with applications for tenants. Today they are essential tools for optimization and asset management solutions. In the middle, some refer to it using the term proptech,a merge between property and technology.

This article will offer you some of the best technological tools for real estate investors.


Zipplex is an innovative and powerful tool designed, among other things, to help you establish the market value of homes across the province.

Zipplex allows you to quickly find apartment comparables for rent and specific data from a specific area. Often difficult, laborious and especially long tasks. Using a phone or computer, you can access the platform and see a map of your area and comparable homes. You will then be able to set your rents based on comparables in the sector based on various databases! A simple but effective tool.

On the price side, Zipplex offers an affordable choice of monthly, annual and corporate package. You can even try the tool for free for 72 hours.

Contact Zipplex via their website or Facebook page. Tell Danny and Steve that Wifiplex is sending you!

Image search result for "block.solution""

Bloc Solutions is a tenant relationship management platform and enables the generation and signing 100% residential lease online.

The goal of the platform is to reduce paperwork and waste of time by digitizing your management. You can also communicate with tenants, keep track of all communications, manage your documents electronically and get an overview of your properties.

The platform adapts to any customer, whether you have a single building, a few units in management or several hundred units, Bloc Solutions adapts to your reality. The tool is accessible via web and offers a free plan and a $1/door plan with advanced features.

Francois-Xavier and his team are very active in all events(CIIQ, Corpiq, Mrex). You can ask your questions directly or via their website or Facebook.

Walter is a virtual janitor. It allows you to centralize all the information, communications and services in your building in one application.

For example, an owner may use the app to communicate with all residents of an upcoming maintenance or to display all the regulations and documents of your buildings for residents. It is also possible to book common areas, swimming pool, gym areas or other amenities.

Residents can also use the app to notify the owner of a repair to be made. It is even possible to attach photos when creating the query. It also allows businesses adjacent to the area to display their service so that residents can benefit from it. You can see all the features directly on their website.

Based in Montreal, Walter became known, among other things, following their appearance on CBC’s Dragon’s Den. Founders Eric and Thierry listen to customers, visit their website or Facebook page to learn more.

Wazo is the first real estate management software with artificial intelligence in Quebec. Although this application is still in the pre-launch phase, it looks very promising and we will be interested in trying this platform as soon as it is officially launched.

Wazo promises to take full responsibility for your administrative and accounting tasks. A lots of features including:

  • An integrated management platform
  • Centralized document management
  • Access to administrative information
  • Account management of payable and receivable
  • Creating financial reports and market data

Prices for this new platform have not yet been revealed. Kevin Pepin, one of its founders is very involved in the field of real estate… That’s a promise. Visit their website or Facebook page to learn more.

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All these tools will save you time, optimize your management as well as the value of your multi-unit buildings. Time is money! 😉

Benefits of providing the Internet to its tenants

An owner has several advantages to offer WiFi/Internet to its tenants. Depending on the number of units and the price offered to the tenants, the owner will make a monthly profit. Given that the value of the building is based on the monthly income, the value of the building will be greatly improved. So the next refinancing or the sale of the building, the owner will make a lot of money.

Internet/Tenant Benefits-3 major benefits

Value of the building/return on investment

One of the most important benefits is the value you will give to your building. If a tenant pays $45 more per month in his lease, depending on the location, the city of your building, this will give about $8.000 of value to your building. When refinancing this will give you a conservative amount of $5.000 in your pockets. So for a 6plex we talk about $30.000 in your pockets to refinance! offers a turnkey set for a 6Plex from $1.900. Do you know of an investment that will give you such a high and fast return?

Advantages Internet Tenants

Smart Building

Another advantage of providing the Internet to your tenants is that you will make your building smart. You will be able to add cameras for the safety of your tenants. The population ages and several tenants want to pay more to have some security. So they will have some peace of mind, sleep better and live happily in your building.

Advantages Internet Tenants

Extra Service

On the tenant’s side, I suggest you approach them by asking them if they are using the Internet. In 2018, we can say that the Internet has become an essential need. Personally, I do not know anyone who does not use the Internet. Ask your tenants what Internet package they have right now. The smallest Internet packages in the recognized companies are about $46 per month plus taxes so practically $53 for the first 6 months, then they pay $59. At this price, they have a speed of 10 or 15 Mbps with a download limit of 50Gb per month. So there’s no question of listening to movies every night or doing “Facetime” every day. Those who have a larger internet package can easily pay $80 a month. Your goal is to save your tenants so that they want you to set up the WiFi/Internet as soon as possible. You will be a source of economy for them by lowering their spending!

Advantages Internet Tenants

Wifiplex will accompany you from the beginning to the end of the project, through the management of change with your tenants, how to include it in your leases to ensure you have the best return on your investment and much more. You will therefore be able to give the internet to your tenants in record time with simplicity and with the best possible return. Contact Us to start your project! We will talk about support for your WiFi solution, how to put a WiFi system in place and optimize it as well as security in our next articles.

Explanation of Internet Servcice Multihousing

As a corporate partner of CIIQ,we have recently done several events explaining WifiPlex’s multi-unit internet services.

Being attentive to our customers, we have adapted our services so that it is even easier for the owners to provide the internet to their tenants. Our goal is to offer you a turnkey system that will require very little effort to put in place and above all with transparency in terms of costs.

The price we submit to you is all inclusive, from the configuration to the wiring as well as the onsite installation. First of all our system has as its primary purpose to increase the value of your building by adding one more service, so gives you the opportunity to increase your rents. More income is synonymous with more value.

The Wifiplex system will be fully reimbursed in about 1 year. So you made the right choice and decided to provide the Internet to your tenants. Congratulations! Excellent decision! You are in a few steps to give the highest value increase to your building compared to the required effort. Here’s in detail the Multi-Unit Wifi purchasing process.

We also published a video on Facebook in partnership with Patrice Menard’s team. The video explains our services in detail.

Multi-housing Internet Purchase

Wifi Antenna Planning

Buy Multi-Unit Wifi

First of all your project will begin with the analysis of your building plans with our specialists. We need to analyze where your antennas will be placed in order to reach 100% coverage. This is the most important step of the project because better will be placed the antennas, the better the Internet service to the tenants. Several variables are to be analyzed such as the dimensions of the building, the number of floors and especially its building materials. Some materials such as concrete attenuate all Wifi waves, the metals create interference and some insulators are also enemies of WiFi. Generally, the minimum number of antennas for the building size is as follows:,

  • 6 apartments: 1 to 3
  • 8 apartments: 2 to 4
  • 16 apartments: 4 to 12
  • 32 apartments: 6 to 16

The number of antenna varies depending on the building materials. The concrete and sonopan are the 2 materials that blocks the Wifi signals. Our equipment will be able to accept more antennas without problem.

Purchase of equipment

Buy Multi-Unit Wifi

Once the number of antennas is set, your equipment order will be placed. You should expect a delay of about 2 weeks before your equipment is assembled and configured to your specific needs. The setup fee is included in our prices.

Choice of Internet provider

Buy Multi-Unit Wifi

While your equipment is on order, we will send a request to your internet service provider. We take care of this step for you. You do not have to contact them. They will contact you and according to our recommendations you will be able to have your Internet link installed before receiving our equipment.

Installation, cabling and testing

Buy Multi-Unit Wifi

While your equipment is in order, we will set a date with you for the installation of these. This date must be set after your internet service provider has visited. When we confirm that the Internet service is functional, we will move with the pre-configured equipment for the installation. Cables will first be passed to the places where the antennas are to be installed and fixed. The antennas and the Internet link will be plugged into the equipment. The technician will perform cover tests by moving with a specialized device to detect any area where the signal would be low. If the tests show a signal weakness in some places, he will propose the addition of antenna to remedy the situation. If the coverage is acceptable, the installation is complete.

Delivery of information to tenants

All that remains to be done at this point is to provide the tenants with the username and password that we have provided to you. The document provided also contains the indications with our contact information so that the users contact us in case of problems or questions.

Tenant Support

Buy Multi-Unit Wifi

If a tenant has questions or problem related to the Internet, they will contact the Wifiplex support team directly. This service is included in our initial offer of $3/door/month. You don’t have to deal with the internet problems of your tenants! There you go, it’s installed! A few hours of your time will have allowed you to greatly increase the value of your building!

Reduce Internet costs in Condo buildings

In condo buildings, some homeowners pay their own Internet fees and in other buildings, it is part of the monthly condo fee because the fees are paid by the Condominium syndicate. One of the ways to save on Internet fees when you have a condo is to have Wifiplex’s equipment installed in your building.

Condo owners can make significant savings. Often condo fees are paid by the Condominium union. Here is an example of a 36 condos at Mont Tremblant. Each owner pays $70/month for their Internet 30mbps since they have a volume agreement with the 36 condos. So together they pay $2520 monthly for their Internet. WifiPlex will bring an internet connection of 940mbps for $150/month and thus save them $2370 monthly (2520 $-$150).

Wifiplex’s equipment with the installation costs $6900 since they have 4 condos per floor on 3 floors with concrete floors, for a total of 12 condos per section. They have 3 sections so in all 36 condos.

Each condo must also join our technical support service at a low cost per condo. If they have trouble with the internet, device additions, security updates, password changes, and more.

Their Wifiplex equipment therefore pays Three months. Thereafter, they will have a real economy each month of $2262. This Which gives an economy per condo of $62.83 per month. Their internet fees Monthly will be $7.16 including technical support.

With these significant savings, condo fees will decrease, give a capital gain as it will make the condos in your building more attractive to prospective buyers. Condo fees are an integral part of your fixed costs, so it’s a very good idea to lower these costs.

Internet Condo Fees Apartment

Internet Condo Fees Apartment

The installation of Wifiplex equipment is similar to the installation of multi-dwellings. We send our installer to install our equipments, wire the antennas and do the network coverage tests. Some accommodations can also be wired as needed for wired access.

Your building becomes intelligent and So you can also add cameras to the network, security system and more.

Speaking of camera, Wifiplex should have some nice news sometime in the year 2019 for you.

Internet Condo Fees Apartment