Internet Solutions For Multi-unit buildings

Installation of Internet technologies for multi-unit buildings to optimize rental income and reduce costs for tenants

The optimization solution offering the best performance!

Providing internet to your tenants in your multi-unit buildings offers many advantages:


Our technology will make your building more attractive and your income will increase , just like the overall value of your real estate portfolio.


Adding our Internet service to your building will allow you to increase your income. The principle is simple: the higher the number of tenants, the faster the return on investment is manifested. There is no other rental improvement that offers such a quick return!


Access to the Internet is essential these days. Offer extra service to your tenants to make your accommodations more attractive than comparable buildings in your area. You will rent them faster!


In addition to offering Internet access to your tenants, our equipment will give you the possibility of installing security, cameras, communications and home automation systems. The possibilities are limitless; what are you waiting for to turn your building into a smart building?


7 days a week, we take care of the Internet support for your tenants. You will not be bothered with any requests or problems regarding the Wifi / Internet connection of your rental property!

Why do business with Wifiplex?

  • Customized solution according to your needs
  • Quick installation anywhere in Quebec and Ontario
  • Flexible payment options
  • Financing of your purchase available at 100% – Exclusivity
  • Extended warranty available on equipment – Exclusivity
  • Commercial grade equipment
  • Networks configured and secured according to your needs
  • A qualified technical support team available 7 days a week – We take care of your tenants
  • Reduction of internet costs for your tenants
  • Once the wifi network is in place, you will be able to add a multitude of devices to better manage your buildings (Cameras, Thermostats, Smart locks, etc.)
  • Return on investment 100% 100%
  • Security 100% 100%
  • Technical support 100% 100%
  • Speed of service 100% 100%


Our Internet solutions for multi-unit housing can be installed in any type of income property.


We have partnership agreements with the main Internet providers in order to provide you with advantageous prices and a turnkey experience.


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